Safeguarding Training: Leadership Vs Prevent

A structured 4 day programme by an experienced Prevent practitioner who has worked nationally across the UK. The programme allows practitioners to look into leadership Vs Prevent in a more depth scale. The programme is structured into bite size modules linked to understanding society individual personal identities and social surroundings. Workshops incorporates a diverse range […]

Citizenship Training: Voice and Opinion- Difficult Conversations

Aim Practitioners will empower to understand the importance of a voice and an opinion. Practitioners will enable to have a voice which is valued without being afraid of addressing difficult conversations. Addressing the importance of Communication and Dialogue. Practitioners understanding of global awareness and current affairs locally, nationally and internationally. Practitioners to seek and identify […]

Diversity and Cohesion Training: Democracy

Aim Practitioners explore alienation and belonging, identity, rights responsibilities within Britain, understand the changes that are to come, decision making and its influence. Understand Democracy, where it comes from and how it is formed, what are my rights

Citizenship: Leadership Programme

There is a strong emphasis on individual roles and responsibilities using self-reflection and critical thinking tools. A series of participatory educational activities are delivered to stimulate debate identifying Leadership, opportunities and strengths. Aim To understand leadership, different styles of leadership, confidence, self-esteem. Through workshops young people will empower develop themselves and others to become responsible […]

The Parent and Teenager Engagement programme

Aim Parents to understand teenagers lives, how to address issues young people face within home and society. Exploring positive engagement methods to build sustainable relationships. Communications and common ground = relationships.

Safeguarding Training: On Line Grooming Child Sexual Exploitation

Aim Educate, raise awareness on Child Sexual Exploitation, the signs and how to report it. Understanding on line grooming and how young people are become vulnerable to On line perpetrators.  Identifying a issue and implementing solutions. Young people will interact/participate in activities which are hard hitting through alternative education.