Our Work

We have a simple purpose: To help organisations and individuals turn the theory of their work into practice. We inspire positive transformation by offering tailored services that nurture the mind. We do this in a variety of ways such as, workshops, training, project management which are designed to engage, educate and inspire you and your teams.  

 We do this in a variety of ways, including workshops, seminars, public speaking, training, and project management.
We can design and deliver together to meet your organization’s needs.


Calderdale Council Children and Young People’s Services
Keynote speaker
“Young Peoples Service Staff Conference to talk about Prevent and community engagement”.

Empowering Minds opened the event to address community engagement, safeguarding and leadership through prevent. It allowed staff members to see Prevent at a national level and how to incorporate its agenda at a grassroots level.

Barandoes National Black Workers and voluntary Conference
Keynote speaker
“150 years on what impact are we making for Black Communities”.

Training for senior practitioners on prevent, safeguarding, misinformation, and its impact on communities. This combination helped staff further develop their understanding of prevent from multiple aspects.

Nottingham Council
Keynote speaker
“Building trust and confidence in our communities to tackle extremism”.

A seminar understanding prevent, safeguarding and engagement. Exploring positive solutions to effective community engagement to build confidence in services.

Scotland Yard
Keynote speaker
“Best approach to prevent and safeguarding”.

Advisor to senior community women’s NGO’s  across London on practice and engagement. Addressing challenges and systems and how to overcome these when engaging with women at grass root level.

NHS Dewsbury
Keynote speaker
Regional prevent forum

Sharing Practise on prevent and community engagement.

Regional Youth Work Unit, Yorkshire and Humber in Partnership with University of Hull
Keynote speaker
“Countering the Myths of Extremism, Racism, Immigration, Europe and Prevent”.

Opening the event to engage and counter the Myths of Radicalization and negativity attached to Prevent. Training and project management toolkits have given so attendees could have resources to use when they returned to their respective workplaces to allow engaging discussions on work that needs to be done in the areas of extremism, radicalism, racism and the current European immigration movement.

Training & Professional Development

Bradford College
Keynote speaker
Lecture and HR staff: “Understanding Islamophobia”.

Designed and delivered training for lecturers and HR staff on islamophobia. Understanding islamophobia, its impact and how to counteract it. Implementing theory into practice.

Youth work Unit Yorkshire and Humberside.
Keynote speaker
“Strategic approach to Hate Crime and Islamophobia”.

Practitioners to understand the prevalence of Hate crime and the rise in Islamophobia.

Understanding the increase of hate crime and Hate incidents as well as Islamophobia since the 2016 EU referendum.

West Yorkshire Police Senior Leadership
Keynote speaker
“Banter or Bullying? Inclusion and Exclusion”.

Lecture delivered to senior leadership staff on inclusion and exclusion, understanding behavior and its impact.

“Topics we are probably worried to talk about thinking about the right approach, where it is seen as a non-serious matter. However, it is crucial to the inclusiveness and exclusiveness of your staff, team, and force. How does one be inclusive, where another becomes exclusive”- Sofia 

Race Equality Network and Equality Together 
Keynote speaker
“Making organizations more inclusive”

Training to support Frontline VCS Staff to gain greater awareness and understanding of the “BAME” Community and it’s diversity.

Research & Development

Rostra Consulting
Keynote speaker

Advisor to women’s NGO’s and senior political advisors on how to effectively engage with women’s organizations at the grass root level.

Restructure and governance for voluntary organizations.

Consultations around aims and outcomes of organizations focused on strategy and governance.

Public Policy Exchange
Keynote speaker
“Positive for Youth, Positive for Society: The Future of Youth Services”.

Advisor on the future of youth work services. Presentation delivered: “Today’s Youth- Tomorrow’s future.”. The event brought together Directors, Operations Managers, Commissioners Youth Workers from across the UK, to share practice and the challenges being faced in this sector and ways to overcome them

Personal Development

Bradford College:
Female Conference – “Fashion to Acceptance.

Designed and delivered empowerment conference. We live in a society today where young females struggle to balance their lives between what is expected of them from society, media, peers yet what is imposed by culture and family. One can sit and state that an individual has a choice in being who they want to be without influence and dictatorship.

However, where does this choice of having an identity and being your own person stem from? Is it simply growing up and the temptation of media impact from a billboard that is high up in the high street that catches the eye of every young female that walks by?

Bradford College
Male Empowerment Conference “Road 2 Riches”.

“Road 2 Riches,” a thought-provoking, motivational conference to address and challenge young people’s choices for success, dealt with language and behaviors young males face and act upon daily. It dissected the objectification of women, the effects of derogatory name-calling for both males and females based on gender and sexual orientation, and issues faced by young males to prove their manliness.

Midlands and North of England
Keynote speaker
Empowerment Conference: “DECIDE, COMMIT, ACT, SUCCEED REPEAT”.

Empowerment Conference for young entrepreneurs. “Why is it so hard to do the little things that would improve our life and the life of those around us. You have a sense of direction and vision, all you require is someone to hear and listen to you, direct and implement the vision.


“Informative and engaging. Allowed good networking opportunities.”

“Sofia was interesting, honest and gave me things to think about long after the conference.”

“Sofia spoke about not accepting what we are being told and challenging things we don’t agree with.”

“Really great at engaging everybody within the room. Information on what, when and why, was great and very clear. Enthusiastic approach.”

“Engaging presentation. Dealt with what could have potentially been a controversial topic well, without shying away from problematic areas.”

“Sofia was amazing and it is refreshing seeing a woman who has power and working hard on this agenda.”

“Such a refreshing approach to a problem. Inclusive and understanding.”

“Inspirational. Clearly experienced in Prevent.”