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@sofiaempowering @WYP_Training @WestYorksPolice @WYP_HBrear @WYP_Diversity @WMPolice @PoliceChiefs @WestYorksOPCC @MPS_AMP @NottsPrevent @KarenFindlayMPS @WYP_SarahBaker @FizAhmed Great stuff, well done Sofia, feedback is a gift!

@sofiaempowering @WYP_Training @WestYorksPolice @WYP_HBrear @WYP_Diversity @WMPolice @PoliceChiefs @WestYorksOPCC @MPS_AMP @NottsPrevent @KarenFindlayMPS @WYP_SarahBaker @ShabnamChaudhri Well done Sofia, as always excellent feedback, keep up the amazing work⭐

Great feedback from our workshop
“Effectiive ways of Communicating” 🤔 for @WYP_Training @WestYorksPolice @WYP_HBrear

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