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Seeing #Palestinians targeted, forced out of their homes and attacked at mosque recently is a violation of human rights. Today on #Eid, I think about those innocent people and hope they have a peaceful day to mark the end of #Ramadan

Invaded and forced out of their homes.
Innocent individuals are being stripped of their basic human rights.

We must identify and condemn all forms of injustices around the world. #Palestine

A statement from REN Chairperson Yusuf Karolia on the Conflict in Gaza.

"The issue needs to be addressed urgently to protect human rights of all civilians and create a lasting solution to the crisis where both sides live in peace and harmony."

It has been extremely difficult over the last year and half for many individuals.

It is important we #mentally look after ourselves and those around us.

Having a conversation with somebody can help massively. #mentalhealthawarenessweek

We understand that Muslims across the UK are feeling a sense of helplessness and frustration which is why MINAB urges you all to participate in such actions that can benefit those suffering from distress in Gaza.

Follow the link to read more about it:

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