Training & Professional Development

Training packages, tool kits and good practice guides for teachers, practitioners, service leads, social workers and other stakeholders.

Behaviour & Attitude
A powerful programme designed to help practitioner’s understand the impact of their attitude and behaviour and how this can impact workforce culture. 

Sometimes chat in the workplace can do more damage than we realise, and others might feel targeted or victimised by our comments. This course helps us understand how important tone, word choice and body language can be, looks at how to convey a message in a positive way, and examines the barriers different individuals face in society.


Youth Engagement Staff Training
This course, aimed at youth workers and teachers, looks carefully and honestly at how to recognise issues affecting young people and how to encourage positive solutions. Understanding and exploring models of engagement, mentoring and coaching.


Equality Diversity & Inclusion
A workforce development programme focusing on a range of themes around equal opportunities, accessibility, inclusion and accountability, how they relate to individuals and workforces. We will look beyond the surface to explore the root of the issues.


Understanding the Balance between Culture & Religion and its Impact on Attainment 

This course, aimed at youth workers and teachers, will help you develop successful ways to explore cultural and religious differences, and how they can impact attainment.

Sexual Violence
A course for youth workers and teachers,
on understanding sexual violence and child sexual exploitation, understanding your rights
and responsibilities, and identifying appropriate and inappropriate behaviour.

Diversity & Cohesion

Tailored integration and intergenerational programmes connecting diverse cultures and communities.

A course for young people, to help them understand their identity, know their rights and responsibilities, develop critical thinking skills to navigate the road ahead while understanding democracy.

Diversity & Faith
A short course looking at diversity, faith, stereotypes, discrimination and prejudice and how this then feeds into choices and how choices lead to actions that divide individuals.

A six-week programme focusing on a range of topics around identity, status and equal opportunities. We will look beyond the surface to explore the root of the issues.

Resources for teachers, local authorities, police forces, faith centres, voluntary organisations and other stakeholders covering topics including child sexual exploitation, domestic violence, forced marriage, healthy relationships and safety online.


Resources for teachers, local authorities, police forces, faith centres, voluntary organisations and other stakeholders covering topics including child sexual exploitation, domestic violence, forced marriage, healthy relationships and safety online.

Controlling Friendships
A course to help young people recognise when they are in, or in danger of being in, a coercive friendship. We will look at safeguarding, what makes a young person vulnerable to controlling friendships and how to take positive steps away from toxic situations.

Facebook Child Sexual Exploitation
A short course for teenagers to help them understand how to stay safe online.

Hate Crime
This course will give practitioners a firmer understanding of hate crime and specifically the rise of Islamophobia, how to address it and how to report without feeling targeted or intimidated.

Leadership vs Prevent
This four-day programme, run by an experienced Prevent practitioner, incorporates a diverse range of workshops and teaching materials to develop practitioners’ leadership skills and help them put theories of personal identity and social pressures into practice.

Parent & Young People Engagement Programme to Combat Bullying
A course designed to help parents talk with their children about bullying and other social and emotional issues. The focus is on communication, with support and guidance for identifying issues and finding solutions.

Mothers Against Radicalisation & Grooming
This women-only programme, in partnership with Bradford Council and West Yorkshire Police, supports mothers who stand against radicalisation and grooming. It focuses on practical skills to tackle the threat of online grooming and looks at how to keep lines of communication open between you and your children. The course runs for two hours a week, and lasts four weeks.

Safeguarding in Faith-based Institutions
A short course to help professionals within faith-based institutions to safeguarding young people against sexual exploitation.

Ensuring Safeguarding Measures for Vulnerable Young People and their Community
A course to help youth workers, social workers
and teacher to understand the needs of young people and what makes them vulnerable.
Radicalisation and Ideology Training

Through Safeguarding
This training is designed to help practitioners in faith-based communities understand the importance of safeguarding against radical ideologies. We will identify barriers to and opportunities for stronger and more integrated communities.

Personal Development

Working with professionals to develop their confidence, ambitions and help them put theory into practice an implement change.

Female Empowerment Conference
Young women can struggle to feel balanced and secure between what is expected of them within their family and the pressures they feel from wider society. This course encourages young women to reflect confidently on their life, their values and their self-image.

Boys to Men
This course gives boys and young men the chance to reflect on what ambitions they have, what values they want to embody in their life and how they might find a sense of belonging through education, family, work and society.

Girl Talk
An evening for women and girls aged 13-19 to come together for a range of discussions. The aim is to help them become more confident in dealing with social pressures, prejudice and discrimination and to encourage them to look forward to a full life, think about career goals, and create a safe space to handle personal issues and share life experiences.


Promoting interfaith dialogue in mainstream and supplementary schools, as well as safe spaces, mutual respect, British values and personal responsibilities.

The Parent & Teenager Engagement Programme Teenagers today face many issues their parents didn’t. Sometimes this can lead to a feeling of distance, and a danger of the parent-child relationship breaking down. Our programme helps parents understand what teenagers are going through and explores methods to help strengthen the bond between the generations.

These workshops are designed to help young people realise their strengths and what they can do to improve their life and the lives of others within their community. With an emphasis on different styles of leadership, confidence and self-esteem our aim is to help young people become pillars of society. We also help practitioners explore different leadership skills and styles and show them how to manage a team in order to get the best out of them.

Stop and Search Rights
This project is specifically targeted at young people, to make sure they know their rights and what to do if they’re stopped by the police. Space to handle personal issues and share life experiences.

Moving to the UK
In this eight-week series of workshops we explain the basics of starting a new life in the UK. Moving
to a new country isn’t always easy, so the aim of this course is to help new arrivals integrate into British society, improve their life experiences and build their confidence.