Excellent strategic knowledge of facilitator. Sofia is very knowledgeable. Some good thought-provoking stuff around hate crime which I’ll use in workshops. I enjoyed the subject matter. It was great to get an insight from across the region and understanding the complexity of the issues.

Strategic approach to Hate Crime and Islamophobia

Practitioners Youth work Unit Yorkshire and Humberside

Dear Sofia,

A massive thank you to you for all your hard work and sacrifice. You are indeed a gem in Bradford and Tuesday night was a true testament to the massive impact this amazing course is having in the lives of those who access it. We are thrilled to have been involved and hope that this will not be the end of our involvement with you but carry on the momentum, enthusiasm and wish that something positive will be birthed out of this for Millside and other mothers in the community.

I was blown away by the stories shared and felt really inspired and empowered to be in the room.

Keep shining your light lady and making a difference in Bradford.

Best wishes,


Centre Manager Millside Centre

Inspirational and Empowering. I Loved listening to true stories and experiences. I feel empowered and confident to be able to try and challenge issues. To be articulate and factual and shared knowledge and expertise.

Practitioner’s INFLUENCE & CHANGE


Informative/Interesting workshop. It was thought-provoking. Learned about different people and their ways of thinking. talking about it makes it easier. I feel like I can support my colleagues more now. I fee more knowledgeable.

Bradford College

Tap Day Training- Islamophobia Bradford College

The beginning part was very outspoken, raw yet highly relevant to today’s society. It emphasized the nature of certain individuals and exposed their behavior, which allowed the children to understand racism further. I think this session was very beneficial for the youngsters and ourselves as team leaders. It enabled ourselves to understand the definition of discrimination and would make yourself think twice before making racist remarks and making people insecure. Gives you more understanding of behavior towards others. The group really engaged with the session and helped my young people express their feelings. Definitely worth its weight in gold and would love this activity in every police summer camp.

West Yorkshire Police Summer Camp

Hello Sofia. My testimonial for the Mothers Against Grooming and Radicalisation course that you ran is as follows:
Everyone who attended who had no previous knowledge of the subjects spoke very highly of the feeling within the group being welcoming and non-judgemental, they said once they realized that no one was going to say anything negative they felt that they could talk freely and express their fears and air misinformation that they had heard within the communities.

For those of us who had some knowledge of the subjects, there was still new information to absorb. The tutors were excellent and had a good knowledge base particularly yourself and PC Ahmed.
Many thanks for your input and I hope we can work together again soon-  

Elizabeth Hellmich MBE

Chair person of the Millan Centre Bradford

It was a great conference, I learned a lot of valuable information. Thought it was going to be very boring but it was very interesting. I thought it was going to be really boring but it was much better than I anticipated. Glad I attended. Very useful very empowering. A really good conference, which has made me feel more open in a way where I don’t have to be scared to express the way I portray myself. Love, really empowering.

Bradford College students

Fashion To Acceptance Conference

It has been a pleasure working with you. You have managed to engage with a very hard to reach community and its members. You were able to create a positive change in attitudes which has fostered for a long time. Coming in challenging the stereotype and having a frank dialogue about the risk of far right extremism has led you to gain the respect of the people you have worked with. In the current climate the work you have done is very much needed. I hope this testimony stands as evidence for having more work around education around far right extremism with you leading at the front. I am looking forward to working with you in the near future. 

Salma Sharif

Pastoral Manager (KS4), Bradford Academy

The package was excellently delivered. Sofia was clear, concise and it is clear she is the subject matter expert. Her delivery was confident, and she had the classroom fully engaged. She tackled difficult topics which caused the audience to shuffle uncomfortably within their seats however it opened up a two-way dialogue into an honest, open and frank debate. She was not fazed or derailed by any question that she was asked. Sofia did an outstanding job if exploring bias and stereotypes and the presentation was very thought-provoking and more importantly relevant. The use of additional supporting teaching methods helped to engage and bring what potentially could be a boring subject. It was thoroughly enjoyable, brilliantly delivered and very well worthwhile, thank you.

WYP Staff training school

The training  gave me a good insight. You never just spoke to us and expected us to just sit there and listen, you wanted us to get involved and valued our opinions. It was a safe space for a debate, and I would definitely recommend this training to others.

It was an interesting insight into some controversial topics. Refreshing to have someone who has relevant background knowledge teaching us.

Plenty of food for thought. Made me question some of my own methods / ways of thinking. 

I think this input has been very useful as it has given me an insight into communities and has addressed unconscious bias within the force as a whole.

Graduate Officers

West Yorkshire Police

Evaluation for the Empowering Minds presentation was exceedingly positive and filled with superlatives from participants expressing praise for the key-note speaker and the content of the session.

The Youth Work Unit Yorkshire and Humber is a regional infrastructure organization and therefore the audience for our conference consisted of delegates from across our region and represented all levels of the sector from academics, managers, representatives from national and regional voluntary sector organizations and those engaged in direct delivery.

Sofia possesses a unique combination of skills and knowledge, which we have really come to appreciate in the intervening period. These spring from her ability to work with a very wide range of organizations and individuals from a number of different and diverse professional disciplines at all levels, from those who develop high-level strategies to practitioners.

Empowering Minds is frequently called on as the “Go to” organization to respond to national news developments by the media when they need an authoritative voice concerning particular issues.

Patrick Ambrose- Resource Director

Youth Work Unit

Informative. Could have listened to Sofia for much longer. Very, very interesting. Liked the game and the definitions challenge. Engaging presentation. Dealt with what could have potentially been a controversial topic well, without shying away from problematic areas.

Sofia came across as a very approachable individual. 

Youth Work and Social Services Staff

Hull University

The training gave me an insight to The level of information in regards to how radicalization can be portrayed by the media, the different manners in how media can manipulate the ideology society and those within an Islamic environment who may have a lack of understanding on how sensitive this topic is within our community.

-The topic breakdown was good and delivered in a structured manner which makes it easier to retain.

- Many interesting and important issues/ points were raised on how to combat/ tackle issues surrounding children. Looking out for little signs.

Supplementary Schools

Radiclization and Ideology staff training

“Empowering Minds – This project from the outset has been an eye-opener for all the women involved. It dealt with de-mystifying the PREVENT agenda and helped mothers to understand and recognize what vulnerability looks like within their own households. Sofia used her excellent resources to full effect making the sessions interactive, interesting and thought-provoking. Mothers felt safe to ask those difficult questions and occasionally challenge. The partnership between the Police and Empowering Minds has remained strong throughout”.

West Yorkshire Police

Pc Fiz Ahmed QPM

Thank you so much for delivering the workshop on presenting at the Black Workers Conference in Bradford last week. I attended that workshop and like the other delegates who came to it, I found it extremely informative and thought-provoking. ‘Who wants to be a millionaire’ was inspirational and great fun with a serious message. I appreciate the time that goes into organizing such presentations so again many thanks for your contribution to a successful conference.

Neera Sharma- Assistant Director, Policy and Research

Barnardo’s 11th National Black Workers and Volunteers Conference

The training was fantastic it gave me a better overview in what we're doing as an organization and plan more regarding inequality for the future. It was productive, useful, interesting, educational, necessary, inclusive, collaborative.

The cartoons on unconscious bias were very thought provoking –

VCS Practitioners


­­­­­­­The discussions were interesting and very well facilitated by Sofia on Zoom. I often find it difficult to raise points in Zoom meetings, so would like to thank you for the effort of asking every participant for their opinions and feedback as it made for some thought-provoking discussions.

Welfare Rights Officer

“Making organisations more inclusive”

Insightful knowledge of the governments Prevent programme and is able to engage a range of audience in an effective manner. Developed a range of citizenship programmes to present Prevent as a Safeguarding programme in an easy and understands format Challenging myths and stereotypes and able to deduce programmes that empower minds and inspire individuals.

Rizwan Rehman- Strategy and Engagement Officer

Bradford Met District Council

Empowering Mothers Against Radicalisation and Grooming Programme was an inspirational programme for all our Mothers who attended. Our mothers now have the confidence to tackle difficult conversations with their children using the skills and knowledge they have learned throughout the 4 weeks. Our Mothers speak highly of the programme and would recommend that every mother should attend if given the opportunity. The delivery of the programme was excellent, Sofia and her team made our mothers feel relaxed and valued throughout the course. I also found the course interesting and feel I now have a wider understanding of Radicalisation and Grooming which will help me in my role as a Mentor.

Girlington Primary

Empowering Mothers against Grooming and Radicalisation

I enjoyed the event, the students engaged well, your delivery was confident and presented well, I particularly liked the way you got down to a level they understood as males with you being a female, they showed you respect which earned you the right to lease with them.

I hope you continue to keep empowering minds it is a great thing as the mind is a powerful thing if used right. Keep doing what you do.

“I thought I would be wasting 3 hours of my time coming here but I really enjoyed it”.- Student 

Sly- Student Officer

Road 2 Riches Conference- Bradford College