Practitioners will empower to understand the importance of a voice and an opinion. Practitioners will enable to have a voice which is valued without being afraid of addressing difficult conversations. Addressing the importance of Communication and Dialogue. Practitioners understanding of global awareness and current affairs locally, nationally and internationally. Practitioners to seek and identify shared commonalities in shared values and common goals.

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“The beginning part was very outspoken, raw yet highly relevant to today’s society. It empathised the nature of certain individuals and exposed their behaviour, which allowed the children to understand racism further”- West Yorkshire Police Summer Camp Staff

“I think this session was very beneficial for the youngsters and ourselves as team leaders. It enabled ourselves to understand the definition of discrimination and would make yourself think twice before making racist remarks and making people insecure. Gives you more understanding of behaviour towards others”- West Yorkshire Police Summer Camp Staff

“The group found the difficult conversations input interesting and really opened up. Some good discussions on topics and issues relating to current state of affairs and how to approach people and ask/ talk to people about sensitive issues in a current manner”- West Yorkshire Police Summer Camp Staff