Aisha’s Story

I first met Sofia whilst I was studying my A-levels. From a young age, I always knew what I wanted to be when I was older, I just didn’t know how to get there. I have always admired Sofia and the work she has done since the first day I met her. I could see […]

A few words from Srosh

I first met with Sofia through one of her projects, which she was carrying out at my school. There were lots of workshops that I attended, of course led by Sofia. The workshops always allowed you to express yourself, and your concerns and opinions in a very controlled and relaxed environment. The topics within the […]

A few words from Hassan

To whom it may concern, I write to you regarding Sofia Mahmood and my experience with working with sofia.  I was introduced to Sofia through Mr X because she was hosting a event for young adults.  This event that she was holding was educating youngsters regarding the troubles and consequences of leading a life of […]

Do you know me?

It’s early afternoon and I contemplate on how society has changed, the identity of young people particularly young females within the 21st century. In this busy room I sit and observe the crowd of young females that pass me by within their groups or walking individually from all backgrounds. I ponder and reflect on how […]