To have a voice, understand how to convey the message in a positive way. Understanding barriers Individuals face within society. To examine the barriers of having an opinion to being heard. To understand respect and how to communicate with respect.

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“The workshops always allowed you to express yourself, and your concerns and opinions in a very controlled and relaxed environment. The topics within the workshops were very sensitive for most, but I think the delivery of the workshops were spot on and Sofia gave us all the opportunity to speak about the topics such as racism, equality, current affairs and many more. I personally think young people currently do not have a voice at a national or even regional level, but Empowering Minds  allowed our voices to be heard and ensured that in our minds we thought what we were saying is valued by the leaders of our country, which I think is very important. School never gave me the opportunity to speak freely and with complete control, but the workshops created and led by Empowering Minds did. The project has now enabled me to speak freely about my concerns and opinions at a regional level and I think with her support, I could take this nationally. Her support throughout the time I have been with her, has given me much needed confidence and self-belief in my ability to do many things. Her knowledge and experience and ways of engaging with young people is very inspiring”-Participants