Radicalization and Ideology Training through Safeguarding

Aim: Training is designed for practitioners within Faith Base institutes to raise awareness in communities and the importance of Safeguarding through radicalisation and ideology. Training delivered to stimulate debate identifying barriers, opportunities and strengths to build stronger and integrated communities.


We live in a society today where young females struggle to balance their lives between what is expected of them from society, media and peers. One can sit and state that an individual has a choice in being who they want to be without influence and dictatorship. However, where does this choice of having a […]

Citizenship Training: Voice and Opinion- Difficult Conversations

Aim Practitioners will empower to understand the importance of a voice and an opinion. Practitioners will enable to have a voice which is valued without being afraid of addressing difficult conversations. Addressing the importance of Communication and Dialogue. Practitioners understanding of global awareness and current affairs locally, nationally and internationally. Practitioners to seek and identify […]

Citizenship: Leadership Programme

There is a strong emphasis on individual roles and responsibilities using self-reflection and critical thinking tools. A series of participatory educational activities are delivered to stimulate debate identifying Leadership, opportunities and strengths. Aim To understand leadership, different styles of leadership, confidence, self-esteem. Through workshops young people will empower develop themselves and others to become responsible […]

Citizenship: Stop And Search Rights

Aim Stop and search project aims to educate teenagers about their rights, how to deal with stop and search situations with understanding procedures that are put in place to safeguard young people and their communities.

Hate crime

Aim To gain a wider understanding of rights, understanding hate crime and the rise of islamophobia, how to address this and report without feeling targeted or intimidate. What is Hate crime, what are our rights Equip individuals with the education, awareness of their role and presence within society.