December 2016. “Road 2 Riches”- Male Empowerment Conference @ Bradford College

“Road 2 Riches,” a thought provoking, motivational conference to address and challenge young people choices for success, dealt with language and behaviors young males face and act upon daily.  It dissected the objectification of women, the effects of derogatory name calling for both males and females based on gender and sexual orientation and issues faced by young males to prove their manliness.  Empowering Minds tackled these obstacles by engaging audience members and raising their awareness on the repercussions of mistreating peers.



“Sometimes we cannot get the young people to even say a word and two weeks on they are still talking about the Road 2 Riches conference and how much they enjoyed it”

-Department Head Bradford College


Hi Sofia,

“I enjoyed the event, the students engaged well, your delivery was confident and presented well, I particularly liked the way you got down to a level they understood as males with you being a female, they showed you respect which earned you the right to liaise with them.

The games you brought into play seemed to go down well and at the end of it all they enjoyed the group photo, also some of the answers they gave for feedback were real positive for example “I thought I would be wasting 3 hours of my time coming here but I really enjoyed it”.

I also liked some of the terminology used and enjoyed how you worded certain things above all a really enjoyable event. I hope you continue to keep empowering minds it is a great thing as the mind is a powerful thing if used right. Keep doing what you do”

Sly  Student officer- Bradford College