Empowering Minds is a consultancy established by Sofia Mahmood in 2015.  Sofia Mahmood had worked in the Third sector covering Education, Youth, Local and National authority and Government bodies for over 15 years.  She had grown to understand the areas that were strong and the areas that required improvement.  Her knowledge, experience and expertise in this field gave her the tools to open Empowering Minds Consultancy. […]

Empowering Minds

Empowering Minds: a consultancy offering a wide range of services, tailor-made for professionals working in local authorities, charities, and Third Sector organisations.

We have a simple purpose: to help organisations and individuals turn the theory of their work into practice. We do this in a variety of ways, including workshops, training, and project management; designed to engage, educate and inspire.

A simple belief underpins all our work: if Knowledge is the key, Mind is the lock.

Below is some further detail of how Empowering Minds may be able to help you in the vital work you do; addressing some of the biggest challenges facing communities across Britain.