October 2015.  Regional Youth Work Unit, Yorkshire and Humber in Partnership with University of Hull “Countering the Myths of Radicalization”

Empowering Minds, Director Sofia Mahmood was a Key Note Speaker- opening the event amongst a panel of senior management staff members across Yorkshire and Humberside.  The Conference collaborated with organizations Youth Work Unit of Yorkshire and Humber and the University of Hull Youth Work and Community Development team to counter the Myths of Radicalization and negativity attached to Prevent. This supported and guided all attendees see where the necessary work needs to be done, share practice and best ways of working to tackle a controversial subject within society.

Empowering Minds delivered training and project management toolkits so attendees could have resources to use when they returned to their respective work places.

Empowering Minds shared best practice at the Conference and updated panellists and audience members on the recent changes made to the Prevent Strategy.  This included engaging discussions on work that needs to be done in the areas of extremism, radicalism, racism and the current European immigration movement […]

December 2016. Fashion to Acceptance. Female Conference. In partnership with Bradford College

We live in a society today where young females struggle to balance their lives between what is expected of them from society, media, peers yet what is imposed by culture and family. One can sit and state that an individual has a choice in being who they want to be without influence and dictatorship.

However, where does this choice of having a identity and being your own person stem from. Is it simply growing up and the temptation of media impact from a billboard that is high up in the high street that catches the eye of every young female that walks by?


December 2016. “Road 2 Riches”- Male Empowerment Conference @ Bradford College

“Road 2 Riches,” a thought provoking, motivational conference to address and challenge young people choices for success, dealt with language and behaviors young males face and act upon daily.  It dissected the objectification of women, the effects of derogatory name calling for both males and females based on gender and sexual orientation and issues faced Read more about December 2016. “Road 2 Riches”- Male Empowerment Conference @ Bradford College[…]

November 2016.  “Calderdale Young Peoples Service Staff Conference 2016

Empowering Minds Director Sofia Mahmood was invited as the key note organization to talk about Prevent and Community engagement.  Empowering Minds opened the event amongst a panel of Senior Management staff members. Throughout the day delivered workshops that gave clear and concise language about what Prevent is.  It allowed staff members to see Prevent at a National level and how to incorporate its agenda at a grassroots level.


Citizenship: Leadership Programme

There is a strong emphasis on individual roles and responsibilities using self-reflection and critical thinking tools. A series of participatory educational activities are delivered to stimulate debate identifying Leadership, opportunities and strengths.


  • To understand leadership, different styles of leadership, confidence, self-esteem. Through workshops young people will empower develop themselves and others to become responsible leaders within their schools and communities.


Empowering Minds

Empowering Minds: a consultancy offering a wide range of services, tailor-made for professionals working in local authorities, charities, and Third Sector organisations.

We have a simple purpose: to help organisations and individuals turn the theory of their work into practice. We do this in a variety of ways, including workshops, training, and project management; designed to engage, educate and inspire.

A simple belief underpins all our work: if Knowledge is the key, Mind is the lock.

Below is some further detail of how Empowering Minds may be able to help you in the vital work you do; addressing some of the biggest challenges facing communities across Britain.