As well as designing and facilitating research programmes and undertaking evaluations, we also offer...


Engaging mainstream and supplementary schools promoting interfaith dialogue, safe space discussions, mutual respect, British Values and personal responsibilities.

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Diversity and Cohesion

Developing tailored integration and intergenerational programmes connecting diverse cultures, identities and communities of interest.

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Training and Development

Creating bespoke training packages, tool kits and good practice guides for a broad spectrum of audiences including teaching professionals, social workers, youth work staff and other interested parties.

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Specialist in establishing educational resource packs for academic providers, local authorities, Police Forces, faith centres, third sector and other stakeholders covering topics ranging from Prevent, Child Sexual Exploitation, Domestic violence, Forced marriages, Safe relationships and E-safety.


We also look to support charities. Please do get in touch.

Empowering Minds consulting was established...
to meet the needs of professionals to share good practice across all sectors.

An open mind is already able to accept new learning.

Your mind is a very powerful tool and can only be unlocked with the right education.
Where our education comes from is down to what we have been exposed to.
Our mind can empower us rather than not empower us.

Ideologies and misconceptions can create animosity which can only be cleared with facing yourself, education and sharing practice.
We can unlock our mind with the right knowledge, hence the old saying, knowledge is the key.
If knowledge is your key, the mind is your lock. Learning empowers you as knowledge is the life of the mind.

Empowering Minds aims to engage, educate and inspire individuals through new learning and the literal practice of Diversity, Cohesion and Citizenship.

"Knowledge empowers you as knowledge is the life of the mind."

The mind is a powerful tool and can never be unlocked without the right education, where that knowledge comes from is down to what individuals are exposed to.

Empowering Minds

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